Bowhunting Alligators [Video]

“Watch where you walk, and if you see brown leaves stay far away from them.  That is an alligator nest, and she will kill you before you ever knew she was in the area.”  Those are not the exact words you want a guide to tell you at the beginning of a hunt, but it is good advice that could probably save your life.

When I had the chance to hunt alligators and wild hogs at Razzor Ranch in Florida, I quickly said yes.  This hunt was full of excitement, the guides worked hard, and the scenery was amazing.

My gator was not a giant, measuring 6-feet, 11-inches.  It was actually the smallest gator of the 5 our group took.  But I set out and did what I had intended to do from the very beginning, which was to harvest a gator with my bow.

My setup included my PSE Stinger 3G set at 60 pounds, Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows tipped with 125 grain broadheads from DirtNap Gear.  It was the first time I have hunted with these broadheads, and they did an exceptional job on the gator.

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