Amazing Bull Moose Archery Shot [Video]

I have seen bucks from my treestand that got my knees shaking. I can’t imagine how I would be able to stay in my tree with a mature bull moose just yards from me.


Check out his video as a mature bull steps in the open just yards from the hunter.


Somehow the hunter kept his composure, and made a perfect shot on the moose.


The loss of blood from the moose is amazing.


Proper Shot Placement on Elk

Elk season still might be a few months away, but it is not too early to start thinking and planning your hunt. One thing that every hunter should be aware of is proper shot placement.

After spending your hard earned money, planning, scouting and more for what might be a hunt of a lifetime, you don’t want to blow it with a bad shot. has some great advice for proper shot placement on elk.

The best bowshot that a hunter can take on an elk is when it’s standing broadside. The amount of penetration required to hit a vital organ is minimal when an elk is standing broadside. This shot placement is also the best when try to hit both lungs in one shot which would result in the collapses of both lungs and a much quicker death. You’ll need to make sure that you adjust for elevation before you take your broadside shot. You can find the best spot by following up the back of the front leg 1/3 to 1/2 up the chest cavity of the elk. By using that method you’ll find that your arrow is now aimed at the center of both lungs and the top of the heart. If the elk happens to have its front legs spread apart then simply just follow up the upside down v-shape of the legs 1/2 to 1/3 up to the chest.

The quartering away shot isn’t ideal for larger game such as elk due to the positioning of their intestinal tracts and that their girth is broader than small game such as deer. The positioning of an elk’s intestinal tracts will degrade arrow penetration and while it may mortality wounded it can suffer for days and make recovery impossible. Sometimes the contents of an elk’s stomach can decrease the arrow’s energy and even prevent the arrow from reaching any vital organs.

If you do attempt to use this type of shot placement on an elk it’s important that you wait for the best possible quartering away shot. The best spot to place your razor tipped arrow will be in line with the far front leg about one-third to one-half up the elk’s body cavity. The bow hunter needs to try and take shot that will penetrate both lungs and the heart while passing through as little intestines as possible. The actual location where you attempt your shot will be different each time and depend which way the animal is quartering away. Never take a quartering away shot if you are farther than your effective range

Would You Get This Close to a Bull Moose? [VIDEO]

Bowhunters like to be as close to a moose as possible for shooting.

But it’s possible to be too close.

I think this bowhunter was on the edge of being a little too close. Five yards from a mature bull moose, with only the open air separating you from the giant, is close. Not to mention that the only defense if the moose decided to charge is an arrow.

Muzzy Offers Complete Arrow and Bolt Packages

For more than 30 years Muzzy has been known for their superior line of broadheads.  Now Muzzy is offering complete arrow and bolt packages ready for the field.

Rage Broadheads did something similar recently with great results.

Muzzy Outdoors, the makers of the world’s number-one selling fixed-blade broadhead, has partnered with Gold Tip to offer ready-to-shoot Muzzy “Bad to the Bone” Arrow package. This new package allows archers to spend more time in the field hunting and less time setting up their bows.

The new “Bad to the Bone” Arrow package combines Gold Tip’s popular pre-fletched and nocked .340 carbon arrows with the bone-crushing Muzzy 3-blade 225 100 grain-broadhead. The arrows are pre-cut to 29.5 inches to fit most archer’s bow setups and have a straightness of  ± .006 inch and weight tolerance of ± 2.0 grain. The hardened-steel Trocar tip on the Muzzy 225, cuts on contact and shatters bone, providing maximum penetration. The aluminum ferrule is precision machined and the blades are precisely oriented for maximum arrow flight stability and to minimize planing.

Designed for draw weights up to 70 lbs., the Muzzy “Bad to the Bone” Arrow package comes with three fletched and nocked arrows, three Muzzy 225 broadheads and three 100-grain field points. The package is available at retailers nationwide and conveniently online atwww.muzzy.comfor a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Founded in 1984, Muzzy is the number-one name in fixed-blade broadheads, and it is a pioneer in the art of bowfishing. A division of FeraDyne Outdoors, Muzzy is headquartered in Superior, Wis. For more information on the full line of Muzzy’s fixed-blade broadheads and state-of-the-art bowfishing equipment, contact Muzzy Outdoors, LLC, 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880; call 866-387-9307; or

Don’t worry, Muzzy also has crossbow hunters covered too.

Muzzy Outdoors, the makers of the world’s number-one selling fixed-blade broadhead, has taken the guesswork out of setting up a crossbow for both practice and hunting by combining a super durable bolt, with a universal nock system and a bone-crushing broadhead.

The Muzzy “Bad to the Bone” Bolt package features the Muzzy 225 Crossbow 3-Blade, 100-grain broadhead that is designed with an aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule, stainless steel blades and the legendary bone-busting Trocar tip. The ferrule is designed to perfectly match the diameter of the bolt for increased accuracy and penetration. Each bolt comes pre-fletched and is compatible with either Omni or Half-Moon nocks.

The new Muzzy “Bad to Bone” bolt package comes with three Victory bolts—in either 20- or 22-inch lengths—three Muzzy 225X 100-grain broadheads, three field points, three Omni nocks and three Half-Moon nocks. This ready-to-shoot bolt package is available at retailers nationwide and conveniently online at for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

TruGlo Introduces Their Line of New Titanium Broadheads

TruGlo is known for their bowhunting accessories like sights, rest and more. Now they are in the broadhead market.

Pure Instinct Hunting has more information on these state of the art broadheads.

TRUGLO, Inc. introduces the all new TitaniumX family of performance broadheads for 2017.  These mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads are available in for both compound bows and crossbows in several blade configurations.

Precision broadheads for hunters, by hunters. TITANIUM X™ broadheads are spin tested and sharpness tested to ensure ultimate performance and quick kills.  A CNC-machined titanium ferrule provides the unwavering strength and consistency needed to fly like a field point and punch through bone.  The TRU•CUT™ titanium tip slices hide and flesh immediately upon impact and the tough stainless steel blades cut a devastating wound channel for maximum blood loss and easier tracking. [Continued]

How to Make Less Than Ideal Bow Shots

Wouldn’t it be great if all bow shots were as (relatively) simple as targeting an animal standing broadside at 20 yards? Too bad that’s not how it works in the real world.

Some bow shots are going to be less than ideal, but with a little preparation, you can still make those shots count.

Tyler Freel has some good advice, which he has shared in a blog post for Outdoor Life.

The keys to becoming comfortable shooting at “other than ideal” angles are visualization and practice. With any shot you take, you want to visualize where the heart and lungs are at whatever angle the animal presents itself. Then visualize the path that your arrow will need to take to get there to figure out where you need it to hit. Most folks who use tree stands know that you need to aim at a higher spot on the animal than you would if you were shooting on the ground. I’m talking here about the same concept, applied to whatever angle the animal is at… [continued]

Huge Elk Gets Too Close for a Shot [VIDEO]

It’s always the goal of archery hunters to get as close to the animal they’re hunting before taking a shot. But is it possible to get too close to an elk? As this video will show, the answer is yes.

Check out this hunter, who had a big bull elk come in practically on top of him. The curious animal seemed unsure of what he saw.

If the hunter tried to pull his bow back, that bull would have been gone for sure. As it turned out, the big bull never offered a shot before turning to leave.

A very similar situation happened to a Moose hunter, check out what happened.

Hunter Comes Eye to Eye with Big Bull Moose [VIDEO]

We’d all like to experience the thrill of being up-close and personal with a big bull moose. Our hearts would be thumping so loud, you’d know the animal could hear it. How would you react when this big bull moose is only feet from you? Would you be calm enough to shoot?



Cool Your Deer Down With Koola Buck [VIDEO]

Keep your meat cool no matter the temperature outside.

I have noticed in the past few years that deer season is warmer than it has been the first few weeks of season.  This makes it difficult to cool the meat to avoid spoilage.

Now, I’m sure that is not the case everywhere.  Some places it is already cold the opening day of season.  But, in some areas of the country it stays warm all season long.

With the warm temperatures comes the risk of meat spoiling.

That is where the KOOLA BUCK comes in.

This portable walk in cooler has all the features of a permanent walk-in cooler, but is portable.  Warm weather never has to be a factor again.  In less than 10 minutes you have a cooler to hang your animals.

It is intended for hunting, but I’m sure it has all kinds of advantages to keep things cold during outside events.

Be sure to also check out their line of meat hooks, game bags, processing paks and more.

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Hunter Shoots Fighting Elk [VIDEO]

It’s rare to see two mature bull elk fighting in the wild. So can you imagine sneaking to within ten yards of two fighting bulls without them realizing you’re there? The only thing that would make it better is if you have to happened to have a bow in your hand, and an elk tag in your pocket.

That’s exactly what happened for this lucky hunter, as shown in this video from Table Mountain Outfitters. Watch as the hunter moves with the bulls, waiting for the perfect shot. The way the bull reacts to being shot is unbelievable. He didn’t even care. He was only concerned about the other bull.

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