Coyote Taken Down by 9mm Tracer Round [Video]

Responding to a call, this coyote thought it was the dinner bell. Instead of an easy meal, he was loaded with a 9mm tracer round to the old noggin.

Tim Wells is known for his amazing archery kills, but this is one of the coolest coyote kill shots you’ll ever see.

Fox Hunting with Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]

Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit is at it again. This time he’s hunting gray fox in the desert.

Fox are tough enough to kill with firearms. But Tim is able to call them in and take them out with his bow. Check out the action.


How to Build a Non-Electric Skinning Machine for $125 [VIDEO]

A fur shed sure helps in the comfort level when skinning out and putting up fur from animals you’ve trapped and hunted.

A fur skinner helps in that comfort even more. Electric skinners can be purchased or even constructed, if you have the talent to build such a machine.

It might be easier and less expensive to put together a non-electric skinning machine to skin all those furbearers you’ll get this season. For about $125, you can get the parts you need to build a skinner that will last for years.

As was explained in the video, you might want to build a taller model if you plan on skinning coyotes (and if room permits). Otherwise, this is perfect for most other critters.

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