Catching Coyotes Using a Dirt-Hole Set [VIDEO]

The dirt-hole set is popular among trappers trying to catch coyotes, foxes, coons and other furbearers.  Coyotes and foxes probably are the two most popular critters to target with the dirt-hole set.  The post set is also popular.

The tools needed to make a dirt-hole are minimal.  A trowel to dig the hole and the trap bed is required, along with a sifter to hold the dirt you dig, and to sift it back over the trap.  To begin making a dirt-hole dig a hole at about forty-five degrees.  The angle at which you dig the hole does not have to be perfect.  Just make sure it has enough of an angle that an animal cannot see the bottom of the hole from every direction.  A hole almost straight up and down will not work.  The hole is intended to make the animal come in from a certain direction to see into the hole.  Also, if the hole were straight up and down it would be very hard for a passing animal to notice it.

A trap bed only needs to be big enough to hold the trap and fastening device.  If you use a grapple, the bed will have to be deeper than if you were only staking the trap solid.  Dirt is an attractant at a dirt-hole set.  But, if an animal steps on soft dirt, curiosity will get the best of it, and the animal will start digging.  This will cause the trap to fire or get flipped upside down.  A trap bed that is as small as you can get it, and still bed the trap solidly works best.  It is also a good idea to have a piece of ground left untouched between the trap bed and the hole.  This will keep dirt from falling into the hole.

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