How to Make Less Than Ideal Bow Shots

Wouldn’t it be great if all bow shots were as (relatively) simple as targeting an animal standing broadside at 20 yards? Too bad that’s not how it works in the real world.

Some bow shots are going to be less than ideal, but with a little preparation, you can still make those shots count.

Tyler Freel has some good advice, which he has shared in a blog post for Outdoor Life.

The keys to becoming comfortable shooting at “other than ideal” angles are visualization and practice. With any shot you take, you want to visualize where the heart and lungs are at whatever angle the animal presents itself. Then visualize the path that your arrow will need to take to get there to figure out where you need it to hit. Most folks who use tree stands know that you need to aim at a higher spot on the animal than you would if you were shooting on the ground. I’m talking here about the same concept, applied to whatever angle the animal is at… [continued]

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