Make Your Own Euro Skull Mount Lamp

Are you looking for a new way to display your next buck? Here’s a great idea that’s a unique way to show off your kill.

Check out this cool skull lamp, as shared by Field & Stream.

What You Need

● Skull mount
● Shed antler
● 3⁄16 x 21⁄2-inch toggle bolt ($3;
● 12-inch all-thread lamp pipe ($7;
● Aluminum arrow
● Three-way socket kit ($12.50;
● Lampshade ($15;

Step 1: Lay the shed antler on a flat work surface with the points down, and file the tips until it sits level with no wobble.

Step 2: Drill a hole through the center of the shed and into the bottom of the deer skull. Secure them together with a toggle bolt… [continued]

Photo: by Travis Rathbone

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