TruGlo Introduces Their Line of New Titanium Broadheads

TruGlo is known for their bowhunting accessories like sights, rest and more. Now they are in the broadhead market.

Pure Instinct Hunting has more information on these state of the art broadheads.

TRUGLO, Inc. introduces the all new TitaniumX family of performance broadheads for 2017.  These mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads are available in for both compound bows and crossbows in several blade configurations.

Precision broadheads for hunters, by hunters. TITANIUM X™ broadheads are spin tested and sharpness tested to ensure ultimate performance and quick kills.  A CNC-machined titanium ferrule provides the unwavering strength and consistency needed to fly like a field point and punch through bone.  The TRU•CUT™ titanium tip slices hide and flesh immediately upon impact and the tough stainless steel blades cut a devastating wound channel for maximum blood loss and easier tracking. [Continued]

Rage Offers Complete Arrow Packages

Rage is k own to bowhunters for their broadheads, and  is one of the more popular broadhead brands among hunters.But, now they have dipped their hands into offering arrow packages ready for the field that includes broadheads.  This is something new for Rage lovers.

The packages are available for both traditional bows, and crossbows.

This time saving package is now available nationwide according to a press release issued  by Hunter Outdoor Communications.

Rage, the number-one-selling mechanical broadhead on the market, now offers two complete arrow packages so archers can spend less time building arrows and more time shooting them. The new Rage Simply Lethal Arrow package combines a popular Gold Tip pre-fletched carbon arrows with the archer’s choice of either the Rage SC 2-Blade 100-gr. or the Rage SC 2-Blade Chisel Tip 100-gr. broadheads and a set of field points for practice. Extremely tough and very dependable, these arrows come out of the box pre-cut and fully equipped with nocks, inserts, and 2-inch GT vanes installed.

Designed for draw weights up to 70 lbs., the arrows in the Rage Simply Lethal package are pre-cut to 29.5 inches to fit most archer’s setups. They have a straightness ±.006-inch and weight tolerance of ±2.0 grain. The deadly cut-on-contact Rage SC 2-Blade is a proven 2-blade Slip Camdesign with advanced Shock Collar technology that keeps the blades in place until the moment of contact. This delivers full kinetic energy to provide extremely large wounds and better blood trails. The Rage SC 2-Blade Chisel Tip incorporates a bone-crushing chisel-tip design and features the Shock Collar retention system for dependably devastating entry and exit wounds.
Both Rage Simply Lethal packages come with three fletched arrows, three broadheads and three field points. The Rage Simply Lethal arrow packages are now available at retailers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $59.99. They are easily distinguished apart by the red packaging of the Rage SC 2-Blade and the yellow packaging of the standard 100-grain Rage SC 2-Blade. Spend your time shooting instead of getting your equipment prepared to shoot.
Rage Broadheads is the world’s number-one manufacturer of expandable broadheads. It also manufactures quivers and accessories. A FeraDyne Outdoors brand, Rage is headquartered at 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880; call 866-387-9307; or visit
Another press release discussed the crossbow bolt package.
Photo supplied by Hunter Outdoor Communications

To address the ever-growing crossbow market, Rage has announced the immediate availability of new ready-to-shoot Rage bolts with the introduction of the Simply Lethal crossbow bolt package. Rage does all the work in finding the perfect combination of carbon-fiber bolts, CrossbowX broadheads, vanes, field points and inserts, so hunters can spend more time shooting and less time getting ready to shoot.

The Rage Simply Lethal bolts are pre-cut in two sizes: 20 and 22 inches to fit most crossbow setups. The Rage Simply Lethal crossbow bolt package comes with three factory-fletched carbon bolts, three 100-grain CrossbowX mechanical broadheads and three 100-grain field points for practice. The package includes both Omni-style and half-moon nocks that are designed to fit most crossbow manufacturer recommendations. The popular Rage 100-grain CrossbowX broadhead flies like a field point and expands to a 2-inch-plus cutting diameter, and the Shock Collar provides proper retention of the tough, razor sharp .035-inch stainless steel blades until moment of impact.
The new Rage Simply Lethal Crossbow Bolt packages are available at retailers nationwide for $59.99, and the distinctive white packaging is marked with the bolt size at the bottom of the front panel. Spend less time setting up your crossbow this season and more time shooting it.

Rage Broadheads is the world’s number-one manufacturer of expandable broadheads. It also manufactures quivers and accessories. A FeraDyne Outdoors brand, Rage is headquartered at 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880; call 866-387-9307; or visit

Introducing Red River Broadheads [Video]

There is always a lot of talk and hype about certain broadheads whether it is good or bad.  These are the brands that everybody hears about because of all the advertising dollars that are spent getting their name out to the public.

But, there are a lot of good broadheads on the market that many people do not know about.  Small family owned businesses that offer a quality product at an affordable price.

Recently at the ATA show I saw firsthand the strength of a broadhead that many hunters have never used, or even heard of.  Red River Broadheads has a great product at a price below much of the competitors.  If you get a chance be sure to check them out.

Red River Broadheads LLC  is a family owned company dedicated to developing and producing the highest quality broadheads available that fly straight and create the most hemorrhage to harvest an animal as quickly and humanely as possible.
We have been bow hunters since we were able to carry a bow. With 2 generations and over 60 years of combined bow hunting experience.

Red River Broadheads R-1 cost per shot is less than any other leading brand. The R1 has a total cut of 2 1/2 inch.You get maximum penetration with our breakaway bleeder blade. The R1 bleeder blade is designed to do what a bleeder blade was originally invented to do, open up a wound channel for maximum blood trail yet not restricting the maximum penetration for a quick kill.

Red River Broadheads Cross Cut spring steel blades are incredibly durable. The unique design allows it to fly as accurately as a field point. With the 2 3/4 inch total cut in a fixed blade at only 85 grains it is the deadliest broadhead available today! This extreme performance is not available in any other broadhead on the market.  Continued.

Photo: Red River Broadheads

Rage Introduces The Trypan Broadhead

Are you looking for a strong broadhead? Then Rage’s new Hypodermic Trypan mechanical broadhead might be what you have been waiting for. The 100-grain mechanical head features a needle-like point integrated into its streamlined titanium ferrule. It boasts a 2-inch cutting diameter, but creates slap-cut entry wounds up to and over 2 ½ inches. The sweptback blade angle promotes penetration, and the .039-inch stainless-steel blades are wicked sharp. The grey polymer shock collar that is designed for this head retains blades exceptionally, yet provides consistent and reliable blade deployment. An included practice head allows bowhunters to check broadhead accuracy without risking the sharp blades on the hunting broadheads.

Rage Trypan Broadhead

Will These Broadheads Change What We Shoot? [VIDEO]

I recently bought a pack of these broadheads by All-Blade. The price was too good to pass up, and their design was something I’d never seen before.

The way these heads are supposed to work is that you will slip the cutting edge of the head over the shaft of your arrow and then screw on a field point. That’s it; you now have a broadhead ready to go.


After looking over these broadheads, it looks like they are designed more to tear through the animal than to cut. They almost have a serrated knife-style edge to them.

Skeptical, I put one on an arrow and shot it into my target. Next I shot a Muzzy 3-blade next to it. The Muzzy penetrated about two inches deeper into the target. I have to remember that I don’t imagine my field point was as sharp as it could have been. It has been shot hundreds of times.

I believe they will work, and I will give them a try this deer season. Get a pack for yourself and see. They cost about $20 for a set of six. That’s hard to beat. And they’re made in the USA.

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