How to Remove a Coyote from a Trap Using a Catch Pole [Video]

With fur prices remaining low, the coyote still seems to be the animal to trap as their prices remain steady.

This trapper caught a large coyote in a MB550 in Mississippi.

I presume he is catching coyote for the live marketwhich often pays more to trap than the fur market.


How to Make a Hay Set for Coyotes [Video]

Coyotes can often be fooled with a hay set. When it gets too frozen to dig a trap bed, switch to hay sets. Just pick up a few armloads of hay, and throw it in the back of the truck for your sets. Another reason to use a hay set is the eye appeal. In hay fields and open fields hay is a natural thing. It stands out, but is not unnatural. I also use hay sets if there is a lot of mud around. You don’t even have to dig a trap bed, lay the trap on a fluff of hay, cover with more hay, add lure and/or bait, and the set is complete.

Once you catch a coyote in the hay set, you will need to know how to remake the set.  This is a good video to watch.

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How to Dispatch a Coyote Without Blood [VIDEO]

Trappers love to see coyotes in their sets, but they do not want blood left behind after the dispatch. Many trappers remake their sets in the same catch circle, or very near to it. Blood left behind from a dispatched coyote can keep other coyotes coming in being caught.

 Trappers can clean up and haul off any dirt that has blood left behind from or a dispatched coyote. That takes time, and most trappers are on a time crunch. The best option would be to dispatch the coyote without any blood loss. Pro trapper Clint Locklear will walk you through the steps of dispatching a coyote without all the mess.

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Deer vs. Coyote in a Battle to Survive [VIDEO]

By now, we all know how devastating coyotes can be to the whitetail population.

Coyotes will kill just for the sake of killing, especially when it comes to young fawns.

In this video, the does at first do a good job holding back the coyotes. Eventually, the coyotes prove too strong. It might appear to be cruel, but this is how nature works. If you don’t like what you see in this clip, get out and start hunting and trapping predators.

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How to Make a Post Set for Coyotes [Video]

There are several types of coyote sets that are great producers.  The trick to catching coyotes is setting on location, good lures and baits, and scent control of your equipment.

Guessing, I would say the flat set and the dirt hole set catch most of my coyotes.  But, I do make several post sets with good results.

A scent post set is intended to get a territorial response from a coyote.  This set will also catch bobcats, fox, coon, and even badger.

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Loading a Coyote into a Dog Box [VIDEO]

Would you consider loading a live coyote into a dog box?

Trappers have had to relocate problem coyotes for as long as coyotes and trappers have existed.

 When most coyotes are relocated, there are many safety concerns to deal with. Coyotes are not known for their friendly behavior, and many people are scared to death of the canines.

Now, a coyote is not going to attack a human unless something is terribly wrong with the animal. Coyotes are just as scared, if not more so, than what we are of them.

I have dealt with a lot of coyotes as a trapper. Some have been very aggressive toward me, and others were not.

This trapper has to relocate a problem coyote. Normally a catch pole would be used, but not this time. The coyote was picked up with gloved hands, and placed in the dog box.

I think this guy has done this a few times.

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