Cool Your Deer Down With Koola Buck [VIDEO]

Keep your meat cool no matter the temperature outside.

I have noticed in the past few years that deer season is warmer than it has been the first few weeks of season.  This makes it difficult to cool the meat to avoid spoilage.

Now, I’m sure that is not the case everywhere.  Some places it is already cold the opening day of season.  But, in some areas of the country it stays warm all season long.

With the warm temperatures comes the risk of meat spoiling.

That is where the KOOLA BUCK comes in.

This portable walk in cooler has all the features of a permanent walk-in cooler, but is portable.  Warm weather never has to be a factor again.  In less than 10 minutes you have a cooler to hang your animals.

It is intended for hunting, but I’m sure it has all kinds of advantages to keep things cold during outside events.

Be sure to also check out their line of meat hooks, game bags, processing paks and more.

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