Coyotes and Dirt Hole Sets [Video]

Robby Gilbert is known for his trapping abilities, and this video shows why.

In this video, Robby catches a nice coyote in a dirt hole set. Check out as he explains the set, and what goes into making a dirt hole set that will produce coyotes..

The more coyotes you can take out, the better opportunities for other animals to thrive.  I explained that in another video of coyotes killing deer.  don’t worry, you are not going to hurt the coyote population at all by killing everyone you can.  These predators are overpopulated across much of the country.

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Deer vs. Coyote in a Battle to Survive [VIDEO]

By now, we all know how devastating coyotes can be to the whitetail population.

Coyotes will kill just for the sake of killing, especially when it comes to young fawns.

In this video, the does at first do a good job holding back the coyotes. Eventually, the coyotes prove too strong. It might appear to be cruel, but this is how nature works. If you don’t like what you see in this clip, get out and start hunting and trapping predators.

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