What Do You Know About Whitetails? Test Your Whitetail I.Q.

Test you Whitetail I.Q. with this clever test from Whitetails Unlimited. Even if you achieve high marks, you might just come away from it learning a thing or two.

 Hunters will never know everything there is to know about whitetail deer. How much do you know?

True / False

1. Deer are strong swimmers, in part because they have a layer of hair that is hollow, providing buoyancy in the water.

2. Deer have existed for 20 million years, and have had the same basic form for the last one million years,

  1. and have had the same basic form for the last one million years.
  2. Deer can run in excess of 35 miles per hour.
  3. Deer can leap over fences eight feet tall.
  4. Deer can cover 30 feet in a horizontal leap.
  5. Just like humans, deer have a set of “baby teeth” that fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth.
  6. You can tell how old a male deer is by how many points there are on his antlers.
  7. Deer use their antlers during the winter to dig for food under the snow.
  8. When antlers grow, they are covered with “velvet,” a soft, fuzzy tissue. This velvet is the only regenerating skin found in mammals.
  9. Like cows, deer have four stomachs.
  10. Deer can eat poison ivy without ill effect.
  11. Deer are found in every state in the U.S.
  12. The reason fawns are born with a pattern of white spots is so the mother can recognize her offspring.
  13. Deer have extraordinary senses, including sight, hearing and smell.
  14. Newborn deer have no scent, and the mother will place the fawn by itself in a secluded spot for protection against predators.


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