Will These Broadheads Change What We Shoot? [VIDEO]

I recently bought a pack of these broadheads by All-Blade. The price was too good to pass up, and their design was something I’d never seen before.

The way these heads are supposed to work is that you will slip the cutting edge of the head over the shaft of your arrow and then screw on a field point. That’s it; you now have a broadhead ready to go.


After looking over these broadheads, it looks like they are designed more to tear through the animal than to cut. They almost have a serrated knife-style edge to them.

Skeptical, I put one on an arrow and shot it into my target. Next I shot a Muzzy 3-blade next to it. The Muzzy penetrated about two inches deeper into the target. I have to remember that I don’t imagine my field point was as sharp as it could have been. It has been shot hundreds of times.

I believe they will work, and I will give them a try this deer season. Get a pack for yourself and see. They cost about $20 for a set of six. That’s hard to beat. And they’re made in the USA.

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